POC Helmet Otocon

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Color Uranium Black
Size Large

Updated to be easier to use, the Otocon remains the ultimate in lightweight full-face protection. Made for the pressures of enduro, the helmet features a ventilation design that directs air through the helmet to keep you comfortable whether racing downhill or giving full effort uphill.

Features including a patented breakaway peak, the integrated Race Lock adjustment system and a dual-material liner with parts in multi-impact EPP, work together to extend protection and comfort for all kinds of riding.

A re-shaped yoke piece at the back of the helmet sits more closely to the helmet liner, making it easier to get the helmet on and off.

Removable cheek pads feature an updated locking system to ensure the pads stay securely in place, and an open mud grill in the mouthpiece keeps you protected from flying dirt and mud while still ensuring exceptional airflow so you can easily catch your breath.


Dual-material liner

EPP in the lower part of the helmet improves durability and sustainability, while an EPS upper keeps weight low.

Injection-moulded liner

The lower part of the liner features an injection-molded cage for extra strength and stability.

PC Shell

The outer shell is constructed from PC to give exceptional durability.

Race Lock

The Race Lock integrated adjuster makes it easy to find a comfortable, secure fit.

Breakaway peak

A patented breakaway peak will snap off the helmet in a fall, enhancing neck protection. The smooth underside is shaped to house a GoPro mount.

Highly ventilated

Ventilation is optimized to channel air through the helmet for comfort at both high and low speeds.

Removable cheek pads

Cheek pads are easy to remove while riding, giving more ventilation when on the climbs between enduro race stages. An updated snapper keeps the pads secure in the helmet.

Open grill

The grill in the mouthpiece has an open structure to allow for maximum airflow while still preventing mud and dirt from hitting your face.