FOX DHX2 Trunnion 205x60

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Everyone loves a well performing coil shock, as good as air suspension is, nothing can quite compete with the way a coil shock stays glued to the ground. The DHX2 offers consistently buttery smooth suspension and sophisticated progressive damping. The recently redesigned chassis is sleeker and more streamlined than ever before. The massive amount of available adjustments including high/low-speed compression, high/low-speed rebound, and coil spring preload allow you to perfectly dial in the DHX2 and optimize it to perform the way you want it to. Increased oil flow improves damping control and consistency while the recently redesigned seals keep friction to an absolute minimum. The RVS damping system has been meticulously engineered to offer reliable top of the line performance. Pair the DHX2 with a Fox SLS spring for the ultimate setup. If you want the best in tunability and performance then look no further than the DHX2.


  • New chassis is more streamlined and sleek
  • High/low-speed rebound, high/low-speed compression, and coil spring preload adjustments allow you to fine tune the performance of the DHX2
  • Redesigned damper offers unmatched performance
  • 2-position lockout (on certain sizes) for long climbs
  • Ultra-low friction shaft finish keeps the DHX2 buttery smooth
  • Redesigned seals keeps friction at an absolute minimum
  • Pairs perfectly with the lightweight Fox SLS Spring