Racer EGlove 4 Urban Heating Gloves

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Size Medium

The E-GLOVE 4 URBAN is the city version of our famous E-GLOVE.

Like it, it benefits from our fourth generation R-WARM® heating system with only one button to control both gloves thanks to Bluetooth technology.

The difference between the two models is that E-GLOVE 4 URBAN has full grain leather inserts on the top of the hand and the use of a premium eco-friendly softshell.
Like its counterpart, it is waterproof thanks to a Polymax® membrane, has a heating circuit controlled by a microprocessor to regulate the temperature inside the glove and gain autonomy and also adopts the path of the heating wire that passes under the fingers for more efficiency.
It also adopts a long cuff with a reinforced zip and tactile index fingers. Finally, a battery indicator will be there to help you better manage the use of the 3 heating levels powered by the two 2200mAh Li-Ion batteries.

The E-GLOVE 4 URBAN is an essential accessory for anyone who wants to get around town in style and comfort.

For extreme cold, we recommend that you combine this product with a ceramic or silk underglove.