SQ Lab Grip 7OX Pro 2.0

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Color ION Black
Size Medium


The 7OX grip Pro 2.0: Ultimate grip for advanced riders

The latest generation of the 7OX grip - the Pro 2.0 sets new standards with an improved rubber compound and new grip design.

The grip is also available in a unique ION design, perfectly matched with ION's limited edition 6OX ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 saddle to ensure a smooth and powerful riding experience.

Maximum control in any terrain: The gravity and downhill grip offers outstanding grip, even in the most adverse conditions. Wetness and mud are no longer an obstacle.

Innovative grip design for optimum hold: The completely redesigned texture zone on the front and underside ensures a firm grip and optimum hand position in every riding situation. The improved design provides even more grip and precision.

Revised ergonomics for maximum comfort: The latest generation of the 7OX grip - revised especially for downhill & gravity use to enable less arm pump and more comfort. The grip is slightly longer, the index finger dip slightly deeper, the ergobar has been improved for precise grip - even better form fit, more precise grip, more feedback - for an overall better grip feeling.

Intelligent clamping for more damping: The clamping is located in the first third on the inside, which significantly improves damping and comfort on the outside of the hand. The outside of the grip has an additional buffer zone for protection in the event of a fall.

Best materials for long-lasting performance: New rubber compound - the softer, even grippier soft compound provides reliable feedback and grip in all weather conditions, while still offering good abrasion resistance.

Perfect fit: With different sizes in diameter and shape, the 7OX Grip Pro 2.0 adapts perfectly to the hand and offers an ergonomic shape for both large and small hands.

The package contains one pair of grips.

The 7OX Grip Pro 2.0 is a small revolution in terms of grip ergonomics - more grip, more comfort, more control.