Shimano PD-ME700 SPD

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The PD-ME700 is a high value SPD pedal designed for trail riding. Its large dual-sided platform creates a wide contact area between your shoe and pedal for improved stability and power transfer. You can trust the PD-ME700’s durability in the rough stuff. A protective cage, chrome-molly spindle, and sealed bearings ensure low-maintenance performance.

  • The PD-ME700 is an SPD Trail Pedal: A high value pedal designed to enhance your stability over rough terrain.
  • Stable & Efficient Pedaling: Wide pedal-to-shoe contact area promotes pedaling stability and efficient power transfer.
  • Smooth Engagement and Release: Retention claws and adjustable tension settings for reliable clipping in and out.
  • Control Even When Not Clipped In: Integrated cage increases stability and control when unclipped.
  • Robust Performance: Integrated cage protects against impacts and chrome-molly spindle is strong and durable.
  • SPD cleats included



You need a pedal that can handle the roughest terrain. An integrated cage on the PD-ME700 protects the binding mechanism against impacts like rock strike. The chrome-molly spindle and sealed bearing cartridge axle provide durable and low-maintenance performance. The robust retention claws ensure smooth engagement and release, however rough it gets.


The PD-ME700 improves bike control and stability. The large contact surface area between the pedal and shoe provides a stable platform when climbing and descending. It’ll also improve power transfer which means that more of your hard work is transferred directly from you to the bike. The integrated cage increases your control when you’re not clipped in.