POC Elbow Pads VPD Air

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Color Noir
Size X-Large

Lightweight and low-profile elbow protector that gives comfort and security on the trails.

Approaching every obstacle with creativity and the inspiration to do things differently has always been the ethos POC has shared with Fabio Wibmer. Now, as he leads and reimagines what is possible on a bike, and as POC leads and innovates in the development of award-winning protection, the two have come together to develop the exclusive Fabio signature series. Everything in the series features details designed by Fabio himself.

Developed for cyclists who want enhanced flexibility, ventilation and freedom of movement, Joint VPD Air Elbow is a light-duty elbow pad that uses our lightweight and highly impact absorbent VPD compound. The pad is covered in reinforced stretch fabric and features neoprene antislip to keep the pad in place, even in rough riding conditions. A crash retention strap further increases security on this lightweight pad ideally suited to trail riding.

Lightweight and impact absorbing comfort pad.

Low profile
No unnecessary bulk gives exceptional freedom of movement.

Reinforced stretch fabric
on't scuff and tear in a fall.

Crash retention strap
Keeps the pad securely in place during a crash.

Neoprene anti-slip inner
Keeps the pad secure and comfortable throughout a ride.