Blivet Pochette Boddi- HV Charcoal

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The BODDI pouch with flap, the only multifunctional, ultra-stable pouch.

The ''HV'' version, large-volume format: 180mm x 95mm

Firmly attached to the body, it's designed to carry your cell phone and other small items.

We all like to have our cell phone with us when we're out and about. Whatever the need or the moment, for security, photo sharing, data collection for the sports social network, carrying our keys, energy bars or a few dollars, the BODDI pouch is indispensable.

In winter, your device's batteries lose energy very quickly because of the cold. So you need to hide them where there's warmth, under your clothes. In summer, they should be positioned in the center of the chest, within easy reach of your ears and eyes, so you don't miss a thing.

Small reflective patches on the front and back make sure you're seen by everyone in the evening. All the more reason for you to buy the BODDI, such a simple solution for the safe transport of your device.


The main belt has a total length of 39''( ).

The 8'' extension allows you to wear BODDI over several layers of clothing or over your jacket.

If you choose to wear your BODDI over your jacket, body heat will have no effect on your device and its battery may not survive.

Double neoprene pouch
Adjustable installation belts
Durable polypropylene quick-release buckles
Three reflective stripes on front and one on back.
Back pocket size: 180mm x 95mm
Front pocket size: 125mm x 95mm
One size fits all (total length of main belt 39'')
8" extension included