Atomic Redster Ultra QRS Poles

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Size 170 cm

100% carbon for 100% power: Atomic Redster Ultra QRS is an extra-premium pole made for serious ski racing.

Weight single piece (g) / Size (cm) : 145 /155

The Atomic Redster Ultra QRS is designed to take your cross-country racing to the next level. The pole's made with 100% Carbon Ultra for superb strength and stiffness while staying extremely lightweight. Combined with the high-performance Wolfram tip and racing basket, its construction enables exceptional power transmission for optimal race performance. Our Power Strap Ultra affords even more control and stiffness so you can keep pushing further, and the easy-to-use QRS quick release system detaches the strap with just one button press. What's more, the 2K Nordic cork grip doesn't just feel incredible – it’s also ergonomically designed for maximum grip. Built for serious racing, the lightweight Redster Ultra QRS helps you power up with every push.

Construction: single-strand
Composition: top-quality 6* carbon
Exceptionally strong, stiff and light
Moisture-absorbing cork handle
QRS technology for quick strap release
Lightweight strap with exceptional power transfer
Perfect, comfortable grip
Resistant Wolfram tip