Mavic Rim EX 1028

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Size 27.5
Length 28H

Designed and engineered for the unique demands of enduro and downhill riding, the EX 1028 delivers a super strong/reliable and yet light package for a perfect custom gravity wheelset.

XM 1030 is the latest version of Mavic gravity rims, and as such is the most strong and durable rim profile ever created.
Offering both lightweight and a wider 28mm profile, this welded rim features a crochet type profile and was designed to absorb big impacts—from hard-hammering rocks to hard landings and big compressions
Optimized up to the limit of material potential, EX 1028 is our premium gravity-oriented rim.

Hammer through rough terrain with confidence

Wider 28mm (internal) rim is engineered to absorb heavy impacts. Triangular rim shape absorbs heavy impacts so you're free to bomb the descents.

Proven by evidence

Developed, tested and proven to meet the standards of DH racers and ready for hardcore bike park shredders or big mountain enduro riders.

Increased grip and excellent stabilty

28mm wide rim profile is optimized for modern gravity tire