SDG Saddle Bel-Air V3 Fuel Limited Oil Slick

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SDG Saddle Bel-Air V3 Fuel Limited, Saddle, 260 x 140mm, Unisex, 236g, Black/Oil Slick

  • Atmos Sealed Construction - Eliminates need for staples and bumpers on base of saddle
  • Flat-Forward Platform - Allows ease of movement on the saddle
  • Rear Rise - Allows optimum power and comfort from sitting position
  • Nylon Glass Base With Bridge - Increases power transfer
  • Deep Peri-Canal - Continuous relief channel from tip to tail
  • Nose Platform - Wider nose to aid in climbing
  • Sonic Weld - Added protection on corners of saddle
  • Injection EVA - Lightweight injection moulded foam