Atomic Pro C2 Skintec Women + Prolink Shift-In CL

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Camber Hard
Size 195 cm

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The beauty of the Atomic Pro C2 Skintec W is it’s so easy to pick up and go – after work, on a Saturday morning, whenever you’ve got a little bit of time free. It’s also a joy to ride: the Densolite Fiberglass construction combines a Densolite core with fiberglass laminates above and below– a combination that delivers a super easy kick and relaxing ride. Its weight corridor is designed to suit women skiers. The kick adjustment makes the handling a little lighter, meaning you can generate a great kick with slightly less power. And Skintec makes it super easy to exchange the skins yourself, with the choice of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski), a speed skin with better glide or a grip skin with better grip properties. This ski also comes with a Prolink Shift Plate that’s ready mounted.