Atomic Redster C7 Ski Junior

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Size 168 CM

The Atomic Redster C7 Skintec Junior is an ideal skin ski for keen young cross-country skiers

Fast and tough. The Atomic Redster C7 Skintec Junior is a perfect cross-country ski for youngsters beginning to get serious about the sport. It features a Densolite Fiberglass Construction and Ultra High Densolite core that’s light and stable, with the addition of Race Grinding for extra speed. The 100% Mohair skins are durable and provide a powerful kick and glide – with a variety of skin options to suit different terrain and conditions. They’re also brilliantly easy to exchange yourself, without the need for any tools. Great for skiers, helpful for parents!

The Atomic Redster C7 Skintec JR is for classic-track champions of tomorrow. And because there's no need for kick-waxing, if you're a parent or coach you'll love it too! The combination of Skintec and SDS camber construction gives you the perfect kick and glide, keeping your kick zone away from the snow in the glide phase but easy to compress during the kick. Our World Cup base with Race Grinding makes your glide really fast. And it's also super easy to exchange the skins yourself, with the choice of a universal skin (pre-set on the ski), a speed skin with better glide or a grip skin with better grip properties.