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This isn't your typical first aid kit; completely waterproof, a sleek compact design, adventure-ready durability, and a curated set of outdoor specific first aid components that are perfectly organized.

You never want to have to use a first aid kit. But what’s worse than needing to use one is not having one when you need it. For the VSSL First Aid, we selected the best medical products available to ensure you have exactly what you need, and it will perform exactly how you need it to. Even with over 45 different medical essentials inside, this compact first aid kit stows easily in your backpack, your car glovebox, your purse, your boat, or on your moto.

  • Compact size for easy transport

  • Over 45 different medical essentials

  • You'll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

  • Feel confident knowing you have everything you need to help someone in need


  • 4 large bandages
  • 4 knuckle bandages
  • 2 packs of 3-M Steri Strips
  • 2 disposable thermometers
  • 4 antiseptic towelettes
  • 10 butterfly bandages
  • 2 antibiotic cream packs
  • 2 burn cream packs
  • 1 non medical mask
  • 1 gauze pad
  • 1 pair medical gloves
  • 4 blister pads


  • Oil-filled precision compass
  • 4-mode LED Flashlight
  • Adventure Tape


  • Emergency whistle
  • 4 safety pins
  • Tweezers