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New for 2024

Charge harder. Go faster.

From commanding the clock to holding your own on weekend rides. This bike is purpose-built to go fast and demolish steep trails. Its total enduro capabilities can help you secure that “top step” and tackle demanding group rides with confidence. With so much capability in your corner, it’s time to push limits, climb faster, and charge. Enduro lives at Altitude

170 mm
160 mm
SM: 27.5”
MD - XL: 29” / MX

It was first introduced on the 2006 Slayer, and was found on later versions of the Slayer SXC and Slayer SS. The design was then adapted to the popular 2008 Flatline, and then the Flatline WC models. Now, it's back, and more refined than ever!

LC2R (Low Centre Counter Rotating) delivers ride characteristics that balance kinematic variables to achieve the legendary Rocky Mountain ride feel riders have come to love. The mixture of a tuned blend of anti-squat with a rate curve that is efficient and supportive yet responsive, supple, and quiet provides maximum traction, comfort and performance.

1.  Small Bump Control
• The design starts with a 3-to-1 leverage ratio, making the shock highly responsive to small bumps before the sag zone.

• Low pedal kickback ensures chain tension doesn't hinder suspension movement, maximizing traction throughout the travel.

2.  Predictable Support
• The linear (straight and smooth) rate curve provides a supportive feel with minimal unwanted movement or harshness.

• Mid-sized and large impacts are absorbed effectively without compromising speed or control.

3.  Increased Bottom-Out Resistance
• A subtle increase in leverage rate (decrease in ratio) in the last 25mm of travel (36% total progression) makes the end of travel predictable and safer, preventing harsh bottom-outs.

4.  Low Center of Gravity
• The main pivot is positioned near the bottom bracket, keeping the suspension components and shock weight low in the frame.

• This design enhances responsiveness to direction changes while maintaining control at race speeds.