Vélo Enduro

An enduro bike is a full-suspension mountain bike that generally has front and rear suspension travel of between 150 and 180 mm. Riders can navigate difficult terrain and easily withstand the shock of jumps and drops because to the additional suspension travel. Additionally, compared to other mountain bike types, enduro bikes feature a more aggressive geometry with a slack head angle, longer wheelbase, and broader handlebars.
In high-speed riding, this design gives riders more control, stability, and assurance.Enduro mountain biking is an extremely difficult and demanding sport that calls for riders to be in peak physical and mental shape. With characteristics that let riders handle steep descents, sharp bends, and jumps, enduro bikes are made for high-performance riding over complex and difficult terrain.Enduro mountain bikes come with specialised parts in addition to the frame that aid riders in negotiating difficult terrain.
Wide, gripping tyres are characteristic on enduro bikes for increased traction over rocky, loose terrain. Additionally, they include dropper seatposts that enable riders to lower their saddle for improved manoeuvrability on steep descents and hydraulic disc brakes that deliver accurate and strong braking performance.Enduro mountain biking offers a challenge and thrills that are appealing to many recreational riders. Enduro bikes for sale are adaptable enough to ride on a number of surfaces, including downhill trails, bike parks, and difficult singletrack.