We Are One Da Package Stem/Handlebars

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Length 20mm Rise
Size 35mm Length

We have manufactured one of the world's lightest and strongest handlebar and stem combos. We designed a system to provide precise and optimal clamping force in order to solve an inherent issue with the common bar-stem interface. We discovered firsthand through fatigue testing that the connection between a regular stem and carbon bar can be hazardous. Irregular clamping force, low tolerance bar diameter, and harsh interactions between the bar and stem are the root causes of bar failure.

Our unique, yet simple design focuses on spreading the force through the whole area of the sleeve by maximizing the clamping surface area and through our patent pending location nipple. The carbon nipple ensures alignment is perfect and captures the sleeve so that it does not rotate. Da Bar has been designed to a 33mm diameter in order to drop the stiffness and allow for the sleeve to slide into the 35mm clamp diameter of Da Stem. A new way of thinking about 35mm.

Out of the mould at 800mm wide, with inlaid marks allowing for precision cutting down to 740mm. Offered in 20mm, 27.5mm and 35mm rise options with a 5° up-sweep and a 8° back sweep.

Machined from a billet of 7075 aerospace grade aluminum on our Haas VM mill, Da Stem takes 6 operations from a solid block to a raw stem before being anodized black to ensure a long-lasting product.

Da Stem comes in at a svelte weight of 80g for the 35mm and 88g for the 45mm option. Finished off with a set of 4 rolled thread titanium fasteners, this is one of the lightest and strongest stems on the market!