Naturalmente, Prosecco Col Fron

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The 2019 Naturalmente Prosecco Col Fondo pays homage to the way Prosecco was made long ago. Harvested from the estate’s organic and biodynamically farmed Glera fruit at the Pra’ Longo estate in Monastier di Treviso, the fruit is brought to the cellar for a soft pressing and begins its natural ferementation. After the initial fermentation in steel, the wine is bottled with its lees under the typical crown cap enclosure, including no preservatives or sulfites.  From here, the wine undergoes its secondary fermentation in bottle, but is never disgorged before release. 

This is where this wine takes its name, “Col Fondo,” where the lees are ‘in the bottom.’  This traditional version of Prosecco gives the wine an incredible complexity, with lively and fragrant bread and yeasty notes, on top of the fresh and delicious apple fruit, citrus, and stone.   Being that this wine still contains its deposit of lees within the bottle, this Prosecco can be enjoyed by decanting the wine off of the deposit for a clear, sparkling wine, or the deposit can be left in the glass to add to the rich aromas and incredible texture on the palate.  Natural bubbly at its best! 

REGION/ ORIGIN Veneto Prosecco Frizzante
DOC  WINEMAKER Alessandro De Stefani
VARIETALS 100% Glera 
VINEYARD(S) Estate fruit  (Pra’ Longo)
AGE OF VINEYARD(S) 10 years old
FERMENTATION Method Champenois  (no disgorgement) Indigenous yeasts
SOIL TYPE Clay & limestone AGING Only bottle aging V
FARMING METHODS Organic & biodynamic (not certified)
TOTAL SULFUR/ RS 2 mg/l 0 g/l
PRODUCTION 3,000 bottles