Lubigo, Croci

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Lubigo Sur Lie by Croci is one of the wines that surprised us the most. An intriguing wine, a wine rich and intense, with aromas and flavors so particular that are constantly evolving in the glass, attainment more and more. This wine comes from the desire of Massimilano Croci, at the head of the company, to exploit the territory of Piacenza and to the need to not to lose an important wine-growing tradition that has ancient origins. With this idea in Massimilano gave birth to this beautiful white wine from Ortrugo, produced by the method "Sur Lie" which reflects the ancient tradition of the hills of Piacenza.

The "Sur Lie", from the French "On Yeast", is a method of winemaking craft in bottle fermentation with natural yeasts that sink to the bottom, after transforming the residual sugars into carbon dioxide. The Lubigo Sur Lie, brewing for a long time in the bottle, and buy special yeasts living with the unique and unbelievable characteristics: is clearly different from other sparkling wines for very fine bubbles that caress the palate, the delicate scent of yeast and the dry taste dry, pleasantly intriguing. A wine that can express a character and a personality really impressive. A wine so special that if you've never tasted it, we recommend that you buy in small quantities. If you like it, we are confident that, given the price, you cannot really do without it; on the contrary, if you do not like it, you will have spent a few euros for a wine tasting, however, unique.


Golden yellow, with a haze due to the factt hat it isn't being filtered


Rustic, lively, fresh, rich, dry and intense


Fragrant, rich and territorial, with hints of ripe yellow fruit combined with yeast and bread crust, with slight traces of hydrocarbons


White grapes


Semi-Sparkling Wines


Emilia Romagna ( Italy )

Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation, maceration on the skins for 7-12 days, aging on the lees for 8 months and second fermentation in bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Natural